Case Study: Sporting Wellness Referral Automation

Enhanced Athlete Experience

The Athlete Referral App ensures athletes experience shorter waiting times, as admin staff can respond swiftly without manual checks.

Faster Referral Handling

The automation significantly accelerates the handling of referrals. The referral administrator now receives alerts upon new referral submissions, enabling quicker response times.

Centralised Data Management

All referral data is stored in a single location, readily accessible, and reduces manual input requirements.

Data Led Decision Making

With instant access to up-to-date data, the charity’s decision-making process was elevated. They now base their strategies on accurate, current information, leading to more effective decisions.

Sporting Wellness is a UK charity that provides free, professional, mental health support for all representative sports people aged 16 or over. Their focus is to provide a robust mental health support system to these sports people to give them every possible chance of achieving success

Discover how we helped Sporting Wellness expand their operations and reporting by utilising Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI.

Service Areas: Power Platform (Power Automate), Microsoft 365 (SharePoint), Data & Analytics (Power BI)
Industry: Charity
Organisation size: 2 – 10 people


As a small charity, Sporting Wellness’s key challenge was expanding its current operations without increasing the cost of headcount while reducing the workload of an already overstretched Operations Manager. The number of new inquiries being received by the charity meant that a normal day of work for the Sporting Wellness staff would not allow them to answer everyone’s query. To make up, staff were working evenings, weekends, and even on Christmas Day, to be able to respond to the requests for help. They put the time in, though, to make sure that everyone who was asking for support with mental health, received the information that they needed.

Sporting Wellness, as a charity, did not want to redirect lots of money from their client support to building something bespoke to meet their needs, so they looked toward the tools that they were already paying for, i.e. Microsoft 365.

Sporting Wellness did not have the skills available to the organisation to be able to achieve more from their Microsoft 365 subscription, so they chose to work with a Microsoft partner with the core capabilities to answer their challenge.


Sporting Wellness began looking for a partner capable of helping them to achieve their objectives, and was referred to Vantage 365 through mutual connections.

Vantage 365 was chosen for its years of experience successfully delivering Power Platform solutions and managing clients through the adoption and transition stages of change.

Our extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Power Platform, along with our ability to think of unique solutions to problems, without impacting timelines, and with a big eye on the overall budget, was critical to being able to deliver the project.

Our approach was to look at the overall process from end-to-end, starting with how the clients initially got in touch with Sporting Wellness, through to the internal processes that were in place to respond to each of the clients effectively. There were a number of Excel spreadsheets in place that provided a good insight into the type of data and how it was being stored, as well as how updates were then managed. This also included a view of what information was being sent to the clients at what time, and how that changed depending on their circumstances.


We delivered a hybrid Microsoft 365 and Power Platform solution to be able to meet the requirements of Sporting Wellness, that processed any new requests for help being logged through the website. The data was stored in SharePoint, with automation driving the responses and movement of information to the clients, and interactive dashboards were created for the CEO so that he could see exactly how many clients they were helping and the demographics involved.

Detailed discovery processes to understand not only the data but the people and processes which surrounded it
Design, and development of SharePoint lists to store and manage the client information
Design and development of the automated workflows to manage the initial responses, approvals, and passage of data through the process
Sporting Wellness Power Automate
Sporting Wellness Power BI

Products and Services

Vantage 365 provided a number of key services to help deliver the solution to Sporting Wellness. They include:

Discovery and design
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Power Automate
Power BI Reports

The outcomes

Sporting Wellness is now benefiting from the automated processes, allowing them to respond to help more clients without increasing their headcount, and without their Operations Manager working during quiet hours. The automated approach also means that clients are able to receive information and updates to their requests 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, ensuring that they are receiving the information that they need when they need it.

We are looking forward to continuing our work supporting this great charity.

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