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Construction Testing Solutions (CTS) was founded in 2006 with the ambition of becoming the UK’s leading provider of construction testing and consulting services which over the proceeding years soon became a reality.

Through a program of organic growth and acquisitions, CTS has grown to have 350+ employees across 10+ sites, employing some of the best, most highly regarded people in the industry.

Discover how we helped Construction Testing Solutions achieve a modern way of managing their road coring activities by utilising Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate.

Service Areas: Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate)
Industry: Construction
Organisation size: 501 – 1,000 people
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CTS wanted to use modern technology to digitise their manual paper processes so that they could improve the efficiency of their coring business as well as being able to reduce the amount of administration time and effort for their back office staff.


The biggest challenge that Construction Testing Solutions faced was regarding the working practices that were in place. They used a combination of paper-based forms and digital cameras to record testing information while they were on the site of highway repairs. The data was always solely in the possession of the coring technician, which led to test results not being returned to the central office for days, sometimes weeks.

What followed was a large amount of manual work to match the photos from the digital cameras to the correct coring test result and generate the pass or fail result and certificate. This put a huge amount of pressure on the office staff as the completion of the job and subsequent billing to the customer depended on these processes being completed.

To support CTS’ vision of modernising their ways of working, a fast and effective way of building new applications was required – one which could replace the legacy paper-based systems, utilise mobile devices to remove the use of digital cameras, and also set up the organisation with a platform that would not only modernise the current process but would provide a platform for future growth.

CTS lacked the internal resources with Microsoft platform-specific knowledge, so it opted to source a partner capable of delivering the project within the needed timescales.


CTS’ search focused on securing a Power Platform development partner that could lead their transformation into this new technology, and deliver a solution which would meet their growing requirements.

Vantage 365 was chosen for its years of experience successfully delivering Power Platform solutions and managing clients through the change’s adoption and transition stages.

Our extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Power Platform, along with our ability to think of unique solutions to problems without impacting timelines, was critical to being able to deliver the project.

Our approach was designed to reduce the risks associated with the transition to a new platform, give confidence that the Power Platform was the right solution for them and that the solution and technology fit with the overall vision of Construction Testing Solutions. The stakeholders within the Coring division were a key part of the process, and ongoing engagement with them largely contributed to the overall success of the project. They were able to effectively articulate their vision and define what success looked like to them, which made the conversion to requirements and design to be done much more effectively.

Vantage 365’s team worked closely with the CTS team, allowing quick decision making processes as well as flexibility to allow us to deliver the solution that delighted the users.


We delivered a hybrid Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft 365 solution that used SharePoint and Canvas apps to provide the data input, validation, storage and reporting for all areas of the projects. We also automated more than 90% of the data processing using Power Automate. This included the following steps:

Detailed discovery processes to understand not only the data but also the people and processes which surrounded it
Creation of the Dev, Test, and Production environments to support good Application Lifecycle Management.
Design, and development of the SharePoint site that provided the data storage for the app
Design and development of the Canvas app to provide users with an easy-to-use way to record and store their data
Design and development of the automated workflows to manage the testing outcomes and creation of pass/fail certificates
Deployment of the solution into development, test and production environments to maintain good application lifecycle processes.
integrating power automate with dataverse
Microsoft Power App

Products and Services

Vantage 365 provided a number of key services to help deliver the solution to Construction Testing Solutions. They include:

Discovery and design
Microsoft Power Apps development
Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft SharePoint development
Power Platform and Microsoft 365 support

The outcomes

Construction Testing Solutions is now benefiting from the applications built using the Power Platform and SharePoint. These allow them to increase their operational capability, process more jobs in a shorter amount of time, and not have to increase their back-office team to meet the demand.

The coring information is now captured and returned to the back office within minutes, reducing the time delay between jobs being completed and the bills being issued to their customers.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with Construction Testing Solutions to deliver its roadmap for process and system modernisation.

Modernise your processes with a dedicated Microsoft Partner

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