Microsoft Viva Glint: The Best Employee Engagement Platform

Microsoft recently launched the enhanced Microsoft Viva Suite in collaboration with Glint, a market leader in employee engagement and initially part of LinkedIn. Viva Glint offers engagement, employee lifecycle, and other survey programs as a way to collect targeted, rich insights from your people. These insights translate into actionable opportunities to improve business. The integration aims to cater to employees’ holistic needs, reflecting a proactive approach to addressing retention challenges and empowering people and teams to excel from anywhere.

What is Microsoft Viva Glint?

Viva Glint helps business leaders get immediate visibility into employee engagement and understand how to improve it. Its partnership with the Microsoft Viva platform expands its features. By leveraging Glint, they can gain vital data on employee sentiment, improve leadership effectiveness, and align their workforce with organizational objectives.

How Does The Microsoft 365 Glint Work?

The Microsoft 365 Glint feature smoothly integrates with employees’ daily workflows through Microsoft Viva. By using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, it analyses employee feedback gathered from surveys and various interaction points within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This analysis offers real-time insights into employee engagement, morale, and overall wellbeing.

As a result, leaders and managers can use data-driven decisions to nurture a positive work environment, address concerns promptly, and provide personalized support to effectively meet the needs of individuals and teams. Moreover, Glint’s actionable insights can steer strategic initiatives to improve organisational culture and performance.

Microsoft Glint

The Benefit of Implementing Microsoft Viva Glint in Your Organization

Implementing Microsoft Viva Glint in your organization can revolutionize the way you understand and promote employee engagement, leading to a more aligned and motivated workforce.

Increase productivity and business outcomes

Microsoft Viva Glint actively enhances job satisfaction and morale. Employees who feel listened to and appreciated are more inclined to put extra effort into their work, fueling innovation and raising service standards. This increased engagement not only nurtures a more positive workplace culture but also results in significant enhancements in overall business performance, making it an essential tool for any forward-thinking organisation.

Analytics and insights dashboard

The analytics and insights dashboard provided by Microsoft Viva Glint gives quick, focused insights into the health and engagement levels of your workforce. With real-time data visualisation, leaders can swiftly analyze strengths and opportunities, compare benchmarks, and use suggested actions to drive business outcomes. This instant access to crucial metrics allows for prompt, informed decisions to tackle employee concerns, boost satisfaction, and foster a flourishing corporate culture.

Real-time feedback and surveys

Thanks to Glint, employees can provide feedback and suggestions that go directly to line leadership. And leaders can get developmental tips, action plans, so that they create targeted initiatives to tackle specific areas of concern. Moreover, it provides tools to monitor the progress of these actions over time, ensuring that you turn the feedback into action, resulting in meaningful enhancements in employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.

Improving organizational culture

Organisations can gain valuable insights into employee feelings on engagement, the effectiveness of leaders and teams, culture, diversity, and inclusion, and development by analyzing collected employee feedback. Viva and Glint nurture a positive culture of feedback, clear communication, and trust — resulting in improved employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance. This helps companies establish a foundation for a resilient, adaptive organisational culture that thrives on innovation and inclusivity.

The Difference Between Viva Glint vs. Viva Pulse

While both Microsoft Viva Glint and Viva Pulse are crafted to improve workforce dynamics by harnessing insightful feedback, their focuses and application within an organisation differ.

Viva Glint is tailored towards measuring and orchestrating significant organisational shifts, such as cultural transformation or strategic redirection. It excels in providing leaders with a robust vantage point over the broader organisational health by offering profound workplace analytical insights into employee sentiment and engagement. This is achieved through its sophisticated use of AI to analyse extensive employee feedback, enabling leaders to identify areas requiring attention and take immediate action.

On the flip side, Viva Pulse targets the more detailed aspect of managerial oversight and team dynamics. It is specifically designed for managers and project leads, concentrating on assessing the pulse of specific teams or projects through tailored feedback. Viva Pulse’s strength lies in its capacity to facilitate real-time, actionable feedback aimed at immediate project or team-specific applications. This focus on the micro-level complements the broader, organisation-wide perspective provided by Viva Glint, enabling a more nuanced approach to manage and enhancing team effectiveness and morale.

Viva Glint Integration with Viva Insights

Viva Glint’s integration with Viva Insights offers a groundbreaking chance for organisations to deepen their understanding of employee experiences and drive meaningful improvements across various dimensions of workplace satisfaction and efficiency. Plus, companies using Viva today will benefit immensely from being able to compare data from Viva Insights — detailing metrics like time spent in meetings and productivity levels — with direct employee feedback, engagement, and suggestion data gathered through Glint. Colocating the data analysis teams for Glint and Viva Insights enables a more detailed analysis of how specific behaviours, meeting patterns, and other activities influence critical aspects such as employee retention, diversity enhancement, and overall well-being.


Can Microsoft Viva Glint be customized to fit specific organizational needs?

Yes, Microsoft Viva Glint offers customisable features to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Its  customizable survey templates and tools allow for tailored questions that reflect your organisational culture, concerns, and priorities. Additionally, the analytics and insights dashboard can be adjusted to highlight key metrics relevant to your organisation, enabling leaders to focus on specific areas of interest or concern. This level of customisation ensures that Microsoft Viva Glint aligns with your strategic goals, providing targeted insights and recommendations to enhance employee engagement and organisational health effectively.

Can employees access Microsoft Viva-Glint on mobile devices?

Yes, team members can easily use Microsoft Viva Glint on their mobiles. The platform is crafted to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring users can join in surveys, access insights, and get notifications wherever they are. This adaptability boosts the user experience, making it convenient for employees to share immediate feedback and stay linked with the organisational pulse, even when they’re on the move. Having Viva Glint available on mobiles is crucial in fostering a culture of ongoing feedback and engagement, enabling a more lively and responsive organisational atmosphere.

How often are new features or updates released for Microsoft Viva Glint?

Microsoft Viva Glint keeps an agile production cycle, always rolling out fixes, improvements, and new features to enhance user experience and functionality. The platform shares monthly “release notes” with all its customers, keeping them in the loop about the newest developments and what to expect in the upcoming updates to the Viva Glint platform. These updates are carefully scheduled to include planned downtime for the platform, guaranteeing minimal disruption to the users.

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