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What got announced at Ignite 2022?

The world of business tech is constantly changing and evolving. Microsoft is one of the leading examples of utilising new technology and software in its evermore advanced collaborative programs. Because of this, its many associates and dependents have a vast platform from which to expand, develop, and prepare for the future.

This article will run through some key talking points from Ignite 2022. Of course, going into everything in detail would take an awfully long time, so we’ll whittle it down to the most relevant points.

What is Microsoft Ignite?

Microsoft Ignite is a huge technological gathering. Returning in 2022, it was held in Seattle in October.  While certain businesses bought an in-person ticket, the vast majority tuned in (for free) via the live stream. This hybrid format proved extremely successful, allowing SMEs from around the world to virtually attend.

As you might expect, the main take-away points (for businesses and other organisations) are all Teams-related. As we all started depending more and more on virtual collaboration systems through the COVID lockdowns and beyond, Teams has grown exponentially. As such, the most important things to note are mostly changes and updates to this program.

To learn more about Microsoft Ignite and prepare for next year, follow this link.

Microsoft 365 app replaces Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is on the way out. At Ignite 2022, the company announced that the bundle will no longer be the standard Word, Office, PowerPoint and Outlook. It’ll now contain everything, including Teams, and be renamed Microsoft 365.

It’ll combine absolutely everything, including your contacts, meetings, documents, etc. It’s secure and built on Microsoft Graph, so it’ll come with smart recommendations to help you with your day.

This application could also include any third-party programs your organisation needs, such as Loop.

Webex by Cisco partnership

Webex by Cisco (or Cisco Webex) is one of the leading video conferencing platforms after Zoom and Teams. Many organisations have run into problems with cross-platform interoperability. For example, communicating with a new client or supplier can be difficult if they depend on a different programme.

Microsoft’s partnership with Cisco is a step towards rectifying this. Cisco is now officially a Teams Rooms certified partner, making communication much more accessible. Next year, you’ll be able to run Teams on specific Cisco devices.

Introduction of Teams Premium

Teams Premium will include various updated services, driven mainly by AI. For example, you’ll be able to access live translation into any of 40 languages, and intelligent recap, which will be a sort of highlights reel of your meeting.

You’ll also get more advanced protection and scheduling options, increasing your business’s adaptability.

AI for Teams conferencing

AI is progressing quickly, as evidenced by Ignite 2022. As most/some staff return to the office while others remain online, hybrid meetings have been one of the main problems to tackle. They can be somewhat awkward, yes?

Microsoft has partnered with Yealink, NVIDIA and Ricoh to bring the SmartVision 60 to the table. This is a 360-degree camera that will be situated in the middle of a physical conference table, much like the traditional voice device. However, it’ll use AI to break the feed down into individual speakers, helping to integrate with those online much more effectively.

In-Teams functionality

You’ll be able to use far more functions in Teams than simply seeing a preview and opening another application. For example, Excel Live means you and your staff can collaborate on a project directly from the conference call. There’s no need to open the file itself.

The same applies to Microsoft Teams Live Share, which allows instantaneous, in-app collaboration.

Vantage 365 can help with your business’s Microsoft needs

On top of all these, be sure to check out the upcoming Microsoft Places. This will help you organise your office, including attendance, helping you analyse the cost-effectiveness of your ICT infrastructure.

Vantage 365 is a specialist Microsoft consultancy based in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands. Our trusted and experienced team can help you with everything you need.

If all the updates at Ignite 2022 sound like a bit much, why not get in touch with us? We’d be pleased to have an obligation-free chat about what your SME needs and how we can use Microsoft 365 to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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