Vantage 365 Proudly Sponsors The Mary Stevens Hospice Summer Fayre

Vantage 365, West Midlands Microsoft 365 consultancy, proudly announces its sponsorship of the upcoming Mary Stevens Hospice Summer Fayre. The Summer Fayre is set to take place on Saturday, 2nd September, at the picturesque hospice grounds on 221 Hagley Road, Oldswinford, DY8 2JR.

The festivities will commence with the highly anticipated parade at 10:30am, a vibrant spectacle that will wind through the streets of Oldswinford, encapsulating the essence of unity and celebration. Each float will symbolise the shared commitment of hospice supporters and local residents, officially inaugurating the Fayre with a flourish.

Embarking on a Globetrotting Extravaganza – A Delight for All Ages

At the heart of the 2023 Summer Fayre lies the captivating theme “Around the World,” an exploration of diverse cultures, traditions, and experiences, all nestled within the hospice’s serene setting. From the vivacious streets of America to the enchanting markets of Asia, every nook and cranny will unveil a tapestry of global influences.

Guests will be treated to a captivating array of themed stalls, engaging entertainment, and interactive attractions, each representing a distinct facet of our planet’s rich heritage. The all-new Nerf Arena promises exhilarating thrills, while the renowned Black Country BBQ and delectable sweet treats stalls will tempt taste buds throughout the day.

A Kaleidoscope of Live Entertainment, Heartfelt Moments, and Giving Back

As the day goes on, the hospice stage will come to life with a stellar lineup of local talents, infusing the atmosphere with the rhythm of music, the joy of laughter, and the enchantment of live performances. The event will also spotlight the beloved Dog Show, a heartwarming showcase of our four-legged companions’ endearing qualities and impressive skills. Amidst the revelry, a deeper purpose will shine through – the collective efforts to raise vital funds for The Mary Stevens Hospice, supporting its mission of compassionate care and comfort.

Unleash the Joy at the Toy Barn Hoedown Party – A Celebration of Community and Togetherness

For families seeking an unforgettable bonding experience, the Toy Barn Hoedown Party is an absolute must. Presented by Funtime Theatre, this dynamic event guarantees an afternoon brimming with music, laughter, and endless amusement. Attendees will relish the opportunity to meet and greet Toy Barn characters, participate in spirited party games, and take part in an exuberant Hoedown barn dance that promises to leave smiles etched on every face.

An Invitation to Unite, Revel, and Support

Vantage 365 extends an open invitation to all, young and young-at-heart, to come together and savour the fleeting moments of the Summer holidays. The Mary Stevens Hospice Summer Fayre is poised to be an extraordinary affair, uniting the community in a celebration of diversity, camaraderie, and unwavering support.

Matt Weston, Managing Director at Vantage 365, said: “Vantage 365 is truly honoured to be the proud sponsor of The Mary Stevens Hospice Summer Fayre. We recognise the importance of supporting our community and making a positive impact.

We extend a warm invitation to the community to join us on September 2nd at the hospice grounds, as we unite to celebrate diversity, togetherness, and the unwavering spirit of giving back. Let’s make this Summer Fayre a day to remember, where joy and support collide in the most meaningful way.”

The Mary Stevens Hospice Summer Fayre

around the world

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