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Intranet Design for United International Pictures

This case study delves into our experience of providing professional services and expert consultation to United International Pictures (UIP). The case study showcases the successful collaboration between our team and the client to address their specific needs and challenges. By sharing the details of this engagement, we aim to highlight our capabilities, problem-solving approach, and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. Through this case study, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our goal is to inspire confidence in potential clients and reaffirm our reputation as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional professional services and consultation.

The Challenge

United International Pictures (UIP), a renowned multinational distributor of movies and media and a strategic partner of Universal and Paramount Pictures, embarked on a transformative journey to rejuvenate their brand presence and reignite employee engagement. The unique challenge was to achieve this while a significant portion of the workforce continued remote work. A powerful solution was needed to unite a global team virtually and reinforce the brand’s essence.

The Solution

Vantage 365, a trusted Microsoft solutions provider, stepped in to craft a captivating Powell Intranet experience that would breathe new life into UIP’s brand and elevate employee engagement.

UIP intranet solution

Key Features

Stunning Design: Vantage 365’s design experts collaborated with UIP to create an exceptionally captivating and visually immersive intranet. The intranet’s aesthetics were meticulously crafted to resonate with UIP’s brand identity, making it a compelling platform for employees to connect and collaborate.

Custom Design Options: Understanding the importance of customisation, Vantage 365 provided tailored development to expand design possibilities within the Powell Intranet framework. This allowed UIP to further personalise their intranet, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Services Provided

SharePoint Development: Vantage 365’s SharePoint development specialists meticulously configured the Powell Intranet to align seamlessly with UIP’s branding and engagement objectives.

Custom Development: Our skilled developers went beyond standard features, implementing custom design options to provide UIP with enhanced flexibility and control over their intranet’s visual appeal.

The Result

The collaboration between UIP and Vantage 365 led to the creation of a truly enchanting Powell Intranet that surpassed expectations. The intranet’s mesmerising design rekindled the brand’s spirit and resonated with employees across the globe, even as they worked remotely. With every login, employees were greeted by an inviting, dynamic, and familiar environment that fostered a sense of unity and pride.

Vantage 365’s expertise in SharePoint development and customisation ensured that UIP’s intranet not only met but exceeded their vision. The addition of custom design options provided UIP with a platform that truly encapsulated their unique identity, empowering employees with an immersive and engaging digital workspace.

As a result of this successful partnership, UIP’s aspiration to re-establish the brand and re-engage remote employees was brilliantly realised. UIP’s new intranet, curated by Vantage 365, now stands as a testament to the power of design, customisation, and strategic collaboration in revitalising brand engagement in a virtual world.

At Vantage 365, we take pride in transforming concepts into captivating realities, driving brand engagement and fostering a sense of belonging. To discover how we can elevate your organisation’s digital experience, visit our UX/Intranet Design service page.

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