Microsoft Excel Intermediate

This course aims to extend knowledge and use of Excel, exploring more powerful features and functionality to be more efficient and productive.

Key Details

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1 day

Who should attend this course?

This course is for Microsoft Excel users who want to expand their knowledge, understanding and mastery of the popular Microsoft spreadsheet application. The intended audience includes:

  • Business Users
  • Information Workers
  • Finance workers
Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Course Objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Create comprehensive spreadsheets with various formulas and functions, including linked data and logical functions, to compare and test data.  
  • Arrange data in lists to sort and filter, apply automatic subtotals and understand how validation and data entry can help manage lists  
  • Illustrate data graphically using conditional formatting and more advanced charting features. 
  • Relate and apply best practices when working with Excel data. 


Delegates should be able to perform basic functions with personal computers, keyboard and mouse, and a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.

For virtual classes, delegates must install Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, or 365 (desktop).

Public Course

Public course costs are inclusive of refreshments (physical courses only), courseware and lab access, and a practice exam voucher.

£290 per person *

* prices are stated exclusive of VAT

Private Course

Bring the instructor and the course directly into your organisation to maximise the learning benefits.

£2,800 per course *

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Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course Overview

Module 1 – Workbooks and Worksheets

  • Grouping Worksheets and Editing 
  • Copy/Move Worksheets 
  • Linking Worksheets and Workbooks 
  •  Using Named Ranges 

Module 2 – Formula and Functions

  • Absolute and Relative Referencing in Formula 
  • 3D link formula and functions 
  • Creating Logical Formulas including Ifs and VLookUp 
  • Using Text Functions 
  • Conditional Formatting 
  • Conditional Formatting based on an If Formula 
  • Formulas based on Text and Date and Time as appropriate 

Module 3 – Excel Tables

  • Creating and Modifying a Data Table 
  • Data Validation 
  • Sorting and Filtering  
  • Creating and Modifying PivotTables 
  • Slicers and Timelines 

Module 4 – Graphical Data Analysis

  • Inserting Quick Tables 
  • Inserting and Modifying Tables 
  • Drawing Tables 
  • Table Design 
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