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In a world where our IT infrastructure is predominantly cloud-based, traditional support is gradually becoming obsolete. Companies like Microsoft are dedicated to maintaining near-perfect service uptime and proactively addressing potential issues. As a response to this evolving landscape, Vantage 365 Support offers specialised assistance tailored to the intricacies of cloud-based IT infrastructures. Our goal is to ensure seamless integration, robust security, and uninterrupted productivity for businesses as they navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

Benefits of Using Professional Microsoft Support Services

Professional Direct Support for Microsoft 365 (ProDirect) is designed for businesses who need additional advisory support and proactive services to help plan, implement, maintain, and optimise their solutions.

With Microsoft Professional Support Services, you will experience reduced blockers that hinder productivity and faster response times. Gain the confidence to fully utilise the suite of Microsoft 365 features, knowing that you have access to support for any technical challenges that may arise. This peace of mind allows your business to maintain a smooth operational flow and focus on strategic initiatives.

Microsoft Support Services

Help Your Teams do Their Best Work With the Microsoft 365 Support Solutions

Unlocking the full potential of Microsoft 365 goes beyond just having access to its tools. It requires deep knowledge, as well as the right support and consulting data to make the most of these resources. Your teams are full of ideas and driven to optimise, but to truly excel, they need consistent and comprehensive support.

Microsoft Professional Support Services can help enhance your team’s productivity by addressing challenges and anticipating obstacles that may hinder their progress. Whether your users are beginners or seasoned IT professionals, our Microsoft consulting services provide tailored guidance. From simple how-to instructions for end-users to advanced technical aid for your IT experts, we’ve got you covered.

Our Microsoft Professional Services


Service desk

No matter which service tier you choose, our highly skilled support staff, specialising in professional direct support for Microsoft 365, is always at your disposal through our UK-based online service desk. Operating from 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday, our dedicated team is ready to tackle any support issues that come your way.

In situations where immediate resolution is not possible, rest assured that our Microsoft support professionals will take complete ownership of the issue. We will involve Tier 2 or Tier 3 specialists when necessary to ensure a prompt solution, especially when dealing with Microsoft-related issues.

Throughout the process, we are committed to keeping you fully informed about the status and progress of your support query.

End-user support

Our end-user support is designed to effectively tackle the wide spectrum of challenges faced by your personnel. We understand that most issues, whether they revolve around straightforward tasks like password resets or more complex problems relating to permissions in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, are first experienced by end users.

We recognise the impact of any interruption on day-to-day business operations. That’s why we are committed to rapidly restoring user access and functionality, ensuring that your team members can quickly return to their work with minimal downtime.

Our dedicated support services are here to empower your workforce by providing quick and reliable solutions, thereby minimising disruption and maintaining business continuity.


Training support

At our training support, we understand the common challenge of deploying enterprise software: the gap in user knowledge and understanding of Microsoft products. That’s why we offer comprehensive and user-friendly training sessions as part of our service package. Our goal is to enhance proficiency across the suite of Microsoft 365 tools.

By equipping your team with the necessary training, we not only decrease the likelihood of low-level support tickets but also empower your staff to fully leverage the software they use every day. Our approach is designed to maximise productivity and ensure that your investment in Microsoft technologies delivers the best possible return.

We believe in humanising the training experience, making it engaging and accessible for all. Let us help you bridge the gap and unleash the true potential of your team with our tailored training solutions.

Routine related tasks

In every organisation, there are small yet important tasks that often get overlooked, either due to their perceived insignificance or the busy schedules of your teams. However, these tasks are exactly what users need to enhance their daily work experience.

Whether it’s creating surveys in Microsoft Forms, setting up basic automation workflows, or executing quick-win activities in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, our Microsoft Professional Services team recognises the value of these tasks.

We offer our expertise to efficiently execute them, ensuring that no aspect of the Microsoft stack is underutilised. This, in turn, elevates overall user satisfaction and productivity within your team by addressing their immediate needs.


Tenancy administration

Whether you’ve had trouble navigating the various admin centers in your Microsoft tenancy or you’re looking to optimise configuration for peak efficiency, our tenancy administration service is here to help. Our dedicated support team is ready to work closely with you to achieve your tenancy goals.

We can guide you every step of the way or even take on full management responsibilities if you prefer. This way, you can focus on the strategic and valuable tasks in your role, knowing that your Microsoft environment is in professional hands and aligned with best practices.

Proactive monitoring

At the heart of our support philosophy lies proactive monitoring. We believe that exceptional support goes beyond just reacting to issues—it involves continuous observation and risk assessment to detect potential problems before they become major hurdles.

Through the implementation of various monitoring methods for your Microsoft tenancy and individual applications, we not only identify vulnerabilities but also uncover opportunities for your organisation to harness technology more effectively.

This proactive approach is fundamental to our support services, ensuring that your business technology runs smoothly and aligns seamlessly with your goals for efficiency and innovation. Rest assured, we are here to provide the support you need every step of the way.


Regular reviews

Our support strategy is built on regular reviews and feedback sessions, which are invaluable in fostering a mutual understanding between our teams. These sessions provide an opportunity to share feedback, ensuring that our services consistently meet and exceed your expectations. In return, we also share insights on upcoming Microsoft roadmap developments to keep you informed of future enhancements.

Moreover, through these sessions, Vantage 365 suggests practical ways to extract even greater value from the technology you use. It’s a two-fold process that not only reinforces accountability but also opens up avenues for proactive strategy and innovation within your organisation. We believe in working together to achieve success.

Microsoft 365 Business Alignment Service

At Vantage 365, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the Microsoft 365 development curve. That’s why our cornerstone service, the Microsoft 365 Business Alignment Service (MBAS), is designed to guide your organisation through the constant evolution of updates and new features.

With MBAS, we offer a clarified path tailored directly to your business objectives. You’ll have a dedicated Microsoft 365 Success Manager by your side, providing unparalleled support and guiding you towards the future of Microsoft technology. We prioritise your unique business needs, helping you drive towards digital maturity and optimise your operation’s efficiency using Microsoft 365’s powerful toolkit.


What does Microsoft Support cost?

Why Choose Our  Microsoft Professional Support Services?

Choosing Vantage 365’s Microsoft Professional Support Services is more than just finding a solution for technical issues; it’s investing in the future of your business. Our service packages are carefully designed to support not only the functionality of the Microsoft platform but, more importantly, the users and day-to-day operations that rely on it. We are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your technology, ensuring higher returns on your investment.

With Vantage 365, you have the freedom to decide how your support time is used. This means that the hours you invest in our services can be focused on tasks that bring real value to your operation. Whether it’s managing those smaller tasks that often get overlooked due to time constraints or providing comprehensive training for your staff to enhance their skills, our flexible approach prioritises your needs.

Ready to take the first steps?

Before we start, we need to get to know each other. This means that we will ask questions about you and your setup, which allows us to suggest how we can support you and your organisation. Likewise, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling that you are in a safe pair of hands.

The conversation starts by getting in touch, either by completing the form, picking up the telephone, or opening up a new chat with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Microsoft Support Services empower my business?

Vantage 365’s Microsoft Support Services empowers your business by providing expert guidance and support tailored to your specific needs. From streamlining workflows and automating routine tasks to implementing proactive monitoring and offering strategic consultancy, we ensure that every aspect of your Microsoft suite is optimised.

This means you can expect improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and a workforce that is more confident and capable with the technology they use every day.Our services enable you to harness the full potential of Microsoft technologies, leading to better collaboration within your teams, enhanced data-driven decision making, and ultimately, a stronger competitive edge in your industry.

How much does Microsoft Professional Support cost?

The cost of Microsoft Professional Support services can vary depending on your specific needs and the level of support required. To obtain a precise quote tailored to your organisation’s requirements, please contact us directly. We offer a range of flexible service packages to fit a variety of budgets and business sizes, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

Is there data protection for Microsoft Professional Services?

At Vantage 365, we prioritise data protection and privacy in our Microsoft Professional Services. We strictly adhere to data protection regulations and best practices, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information. When you partner with us, rest assured that we do not remove any business data from your environment. This means that your data remains protected by all the measures you have in place. We continuously monitor compliance with industry standards to responsibly manage and safeguard your data.

What is the response time for our Microsoft Professional Support?

At Vantage 365, we are dedicated to providing prompt and efficient support to all our clients. We understand the significance of minimising downtime in your business, and our committed team is here to assist you when you need it the most. With our Microsoft Professional Support services, we strive to respond within 4 business hours. Additionally, we offer customised support plans that cater to critical issues with even quicker response times. Rest assured, we’re here for you every step of the way.

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