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Empowering Silva Homes with a Fresh and Dynamic Powell Intranet Solution

This case study delves into our experience of providing professional services and expert consultation to Silva Homes, an independent not-for-profit housing association based in Southeast England. The case study showcases the successful collaboration between our team and the client to address their specific needs and challenges. By sharing the details of this engagement, we aim to highlight our capabilities, problem-solving approach, and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. Through this case study, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our goal is to inspire confidence in potential clients and reaffirm our reputation as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional professional services and consultation.

The Challenge

Silva Homes, an independent not-for-profit housing association based in Southeast England, embarked on a journey to revamp their brand identity. As part of this strategic initiative, they recognised the need to transform their Intranet into a visually captivating and functionally dynamic platform. Silva Homes aimed to enhance employee engagement and productivity by introducing a new and exciting Intranet experience.

The Solution

Vantage 365, a trusted provider of Microsoft solutions, partnered with Silva Homes to deliver a Powell Intranet solution that would perfectly align with their refreshed brand image and provide employees with an enriched digital workspace.

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Key Features

Beautiful New Design: Vantage 365’s design experts worked closely with Silva Homes to create an exquisite and modern Intranet design. The intranet’s aesthetics were tailored to reflect Silva Homes’ new brand identity, instilling a sense of pride and belonging among employees.

Improved Search Functionality: Recognising the significance of efficient information retrieval, Vantage 365 enhanced the intranet’s search functionality. Employees now experience quicker and more accurate search results, boosting productivity and collaboration.

New Employee Hub: A new employee hub was introduced, serving as a central hub for essential resources, company news, and employee updates. This feature further streamlined internal communications and facilitated seamless knowledge sharing.

Services Provided

SharePoint Development: Vantage 365’s SharePoint development team meticulously configured the Powell Intranet to align seamlessly with Silva Homes’ rebranded identity and employee engagement objectives.

Custom Development: Our skilled developers implemented custom functionalities to enhance the intranet’s usability and ensure that Silva Homes’ unique requirements were met with precision.

The Result

The collaboration between Silva Homes and Vantage 365 resulted in a stunning and functional Powell Intranet that perfectly encapsulated the housing association’s refreshed brand. Employees were greeted with an inviting and engaging digital workspace that fostered a strong sense of community and unity.

The improved search functionality transformed the way employees accessed information, enabling faster decision-making and knowledge sharing. The new employee hub served as a vital resource centre, keeping employees informed and connected, even while working remotely.

Vantage 365’s expertise in SharePoint development and custom solutions ensured that Silva Homes’ vision for their Intranet was brought to life, with every feature thoughtfully designed to enhance employee experience and productivity.

With their new and dynamic Powell Intranet, Silva Homes embraced a fresh chapter in their digital journey, empowering their workforce to thrive in a modern and collaborative work environment.

At Vantage 365, we take pride in transforming concepts into captivating realities, driving brand engagement and fostering a sense of belonging. To discover how we can elevate your organisation’s digital experience, visit our UX/Intranet Design service page.

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