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SharePoint & Power Automation Simplifies Processes

This case study highlights how Vantage 365 successfully addressed challenges for a specialist chemical dosing solutions provider by utilising SharePoint and Power Automation. By thoughtfully implementing these technologies, Vantage 365’s client achieved streamlined processes, time savings, and ensured compliance with legal obligations, ultimately enhancing their equipment maintenance management.

The Challenge

Located in Basingstoke, the chemical dosing solutions provider required a more efficient system to track equipment maintenance schedules. They needed to adhere to ISO standards and undergo regular audits, which necessitated accurate record-keeping of equipment maintenance, certificates, and testing schedules. Their previous method of tracking proved inefficient and insufficient for upcoming audits.

The Solution

Vantage 365 tailored a solution utilising SharePoint and Power Automation to address the organisation’s challenges:

Centralised Tracking: A SharePoint list was established to log equipment tests, providing a singular platform for equipment maintenance scheduling.

Automated Alerts: Power Automate was employed to create automated workflows for sending alerts based on upcoming test due dates. Alerts were escalated based on proximity to test dates.

Legal Compliance: The solution ensured legal compliance by tracking equipment maintenance in a structured manner, meeting ISO standards and audit requirements.

Customised Approach: Vantage 365’s expertise within the Microsoft 365 framework allowed for unique rule sets and workflow configurations to meet the organisation’s precise needs.

The Results

The implementation of SharePoint and Power Automation yielded significant results:

Enhanced Organisation: The organisation achieved a unified approach to labeling equipment with auto-generated ID numbers, enhancing equipment tracking.

Automated Efficiency: Daily manual checks for upcoming tests were eliminated, freeing up team members’ time and ensuring prompt responses to maintenance needs.

Legal Compliance: The solution seamlessly fulfilled legal obligations by tracking equipment testing and maintenance, ready for audits.

Simplified Audits: The full testing history and maintenance records are now readily accessible, facilitating smooth and hassle-free audits.


Vantage 365’s strategic utilisation of SharePoint and Power Automation showcased the potential of technology to simplify processes, save time, and ensure legal compliance. By customising a solution tailored to the client’s specific needs, Vantage 365 transformed equipment maintenance management from a time-consuming task to an automated, efficient, and legally compliant process.

If you’re interested in experiencing the power of technology-driven solutions that address real-world challenges and enhance business operations, don’t hesitate to contact Vantage 365. We’re here to help you leverage the potential of innovative solutions for your unique needs.

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