Microsoft SharePoint Document Management

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust platform crafted to streamline document management and nurture collaborative workspaces. By harnessing its powerful features, businesses can create, share, manage, and collaborate on documents in real-time, ensuring seamless integration and access across multiple devices. SharePoint’s adaptable nature allows organizations to customise the platform to suit their specific requirements, enhancing productivity and ensuring a more organised and efficient document management process. Whether for small teams or large enterprises, SharePoint equips users with the necessary tools for secure, efficient information sharing and project collaboration.

What is SharePoint DMS?

SharePoint is a great online tool for document management. It lets your team store documents in the cloud for collaborative work, simplifying tasks by setting up sites and subsites. With this service, your team can build an intranet to work together securely for various purposes. Centralised administrative roles and controls help manage access and track activity effectively. 

Managing documents in SharePoint ensures:

  • 100% compliance with regulations ensured by robust security measures.
  • Increased employee productivity by 20% through efficient document access, search capabilities, document templates, co-authoring features, and utilizing the mobile version of SharePoint DMS.
  • Reduced document management expenses by 60% with e-signature workflows.

SharePoint for Document Management Solutions

Building a user-friendly document management system using SharePoint can significantly streamline operations and elevate collaboration efficiency.

Experienced Consultants

Our SharePoint team are experts in deploying and assisting your organization in fully taking advantage of SharePoint’s Document Management Capabilities. They bring to the table extensive experience and specialized knowledge in tailoring SharePoint solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business.

From the initial setup and customization to ongoing support and training, our consultants are dedicated to ensuring your team maximizes productivity and collaboration using SharePoint document management solutions. Whether it’s automating processes, streamlining document storage, or enhancing security protocols, our team is equipped to elevate your organizational efficiency to new heights.

Ability to Manage SharePoint Documents

Our team specialises in the thorough management of SharePoint documents, guaranteeing a smooth information flow within your organisation. We excel in tailoring document management in SharePoint to your specific requirements, crafting well-organised, easily searchable libraries that facilitate effective file sharing and collaboration. We recognise the document management hurdles businesses encounter, from version control to access permissions, and have honed our expertise in exploiting SharePoint’s capabilities to tackle these challenges head-on.

Microsoft Trusted Partners

Vantage 365 proudly holds the esteemed status of being a Microsoft 365 Trusted Partner, demonstrating not just our exceptional proficiency in Microsoft SharePoint but also our steadfast dedication to delivering excellence. This partnership grants us exclusive access to the latest SharePoint advancements and Microsoft technologies, empowering us to provide cutting-edge document management solutions for our clients.

Our close alignment with Microsoft ensures that our implementations meet the highest standards, offering our clients the most advanced, secure, and efficient SharePoint solutions. This partnership highlights our ability to craft robust and user-friendly SharePoint environments, enhancing our capacity to meet and surpass the diverse needs of the businesses we support.

SharePoint Document Management Services

Explore our comprehensive suite of SharePoint Document Management Services designed to empower your team and optimize your workflows.

Strategy and Planning

We collaborate closely with your team to understand your unique requirements, obstacles, and goals and assist in the document management planning process. This allows us to tailor a custom SharePoint strategy that fits your organization’s objectives and enhances your document management workflows. Leveraging our expertise, we guarantee that your SharePoint environment is not only effectively implemented but also designed to adapt and grow alongside your evolving needs.


Implementation and Customization

The Vantage 365 team excels in implementing SharePoint solutions tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs. From configuring your SharePoint environment to customising document libraries and integrating essential tools, we take care of every step of the implementation process. Our skilled team ensures that your SharePoint DMS aligns with your business processes, enhances operational efficiency, and boosts document accessibility. By harnessing SharePoint’s robust customisation features, we develop a system that not only meets your current requirements but is also flexible for future growth and changes in your business landscape.

Migration and Integration

Vantage 365 takes care of every step of moving to your new document management system, ensuring a seamless transition to SharePoint. We understand the challenges of transferring documents and data from older systems or different platforms. Our detailed migration plan involves careful planning, precise execution, and support after the move to minimize disruptions to your business. We also prioritize integrating SharePoint smoothly with your current tools and systems, boosting productivity and creating a unified digital workspace. Our aim is to simplify the migration and integration process, enabling you to harness the full potential of SharePoint for document management effortlessly.


Training and Support

At Vantage 365, we recognise that embracing a new Document Management System (DMS) goes beyond mere technological implementation; it involves empowering your team to effectively use SharePoint Online. That’s why our training and support services are crafted to facilitate a seamless transition to the SharePoint DMS after launch. We deliver in-depth training sessions customised to your team’s expertise levels and roles within the organisation, ensuring that everyone, from your IT team to end-users, comprehends how to maximise SharePoint’s capabilities. Our assistance doesn’t stop at initial training; we provide ongoing support to tackle any obstacles and ensure your business continues to profit from optimised document management processes.

Compliance and Security 

Ensuring document security and compliance with regulations is crucial in today’s digital world. At Vantage 365, we place great importance on developing and implementing robust protective policies and procedures to safeguard your valuable information. Our comprehensive security measures are tailored to prevent unauthorized access, reduce the risk of data breaches, and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulatory requirements. By embedding advanced security protocols within the SharePoint Document Management System, we enhance the security of your document repository, thus ensuring that your business operations are not only efficient but also adhere to the highest standards of data protection and regulatory compliance.


How to Use SharePoint as a Document Management System? 

To get started, you will need a SharePoint site or subsite dedicated to document management. Within the site, you can set up document libraries for organising and storing files. Here you can upload existing documents and establish a folder structure or leverage metadata for classification.

SharePoint allows you to control access and permissions at the document library level to ensure document security, assigning appropriate rights based on user roles. It also allows you to enable versioning to track document revisions and implement check-in/check-out functionality to prevent conflicts during editing.  

Why SharePoint is the Best Platform for Document Management System?

Using SharePoint for document management is very beneficial for organisations. This robust tool simplifies the way you manage your documents. It enables users to store, organise, and share documents effortlessly. The advantages of using SharePoint are numerous. Firstly, it provides a centralised location for all documents, ensuring easy access from any place at any time. It also facilitates multiple users to collaborate on a document simultaneously, boosting teamwork and efficiency. 

Moreover, SharePoint guarantees security and control over document access and editing rights. It also monitors document changes, ensuring the most recent version is always accessible. Additionally, it automates tasks like approval workflows and notifications, streamlining document management processes and saving time.

How do you start the journey?

The conversation starts by getting in touch, either by completing the form, picking up the telephone or opening up a new chat with us!


Is SharePoint online a document management system?

Indeed, SharePoint serves as a comprehensive document management system (DMS), offering robust capabilities for overseeing documents throughout their lifecycle – from creation to storage, collaboration, and archiving. Within SharePoint Online, tools are available for organizing documents in libraries, securing sensitive information, and automating workflows – making it an ideal platform for businesses looking to enhance their document management practices while enabling easy access and collaboration among users.

Moreover, as a cloud-based service, it ensures that documents are accessible remotely, promoting flexibility and mobility within the workforce.

Can a document management system automate custom workflows?

Absolutely! One of the great benefits of using a Document Management System (DMS) lies in its capacity to automate bespoke workflows. This entails automating tasks that are usually done manually, such as document approval processes, reviews, and updates, based on predetermined rules. This automation significantly boosts efficiency, minimises the risk of human error, and ensures uniformity in managing documents across the organisation.

By utilising a DMS like SharePoint, companies can tailor these workflows to align with their individual processes and needs, facilitating smoother, swifter operations and freeing up personnel to concentrate on more strategic duties.

What is the difference between document management system and SharePoint?

When comparing a standard Document Management System (DMS) to SharePoint, the key difference lies in their scope and functionality. A DMS is tailored for handling documents throughout their lifecycle — from capturing and storing to securing, retrieving, and archiving. Its main focus is to enhance the efficiency of document-related tasks, ensure document security, and aid in compliance with regulations.

On the other hand, SharePoint goes beyond traditional DMS capabilities. While encompassing all DMS functions, it integrates broader collaboration and communication tools, making it a comprehensive platform for intranet, extranet, and internet sites. SharePoint offers additional features like web content management, enterprise search, and personal cloud storage spaces. It encourages collaboration by enabling teams to work together on documents, share insights, and streamline communication within an organisation.

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