Flexible Engagements: Your Power Platform Team On-Demand

Imagine if you could have access to a highly capable team that has the skills that you need when you need them

This is exactly where our flexible engagements can help to build the skills in your team and deliver your roadmap at a faster pace than you previously thought was possible.

The resources that you need

Make the combined skills and knowledge of a team, worth more than £250,000 per year, part of your own . Whether you need architects, automation specialists, user experience designers, or trainers, you will get the support that you need.

Deliver your roadmap faster

With the experience and knowledge of working across multiple projects in multiple industries, we navigate around the traps and pitfalls that we see teams fall into. This learning means that your objectives are met faster, and with a smaller time investment.

You stay in control

Working with our project managers means that you can control the direction of the work, but have peace of mind that the tasks are being co-ordinated and reported back to you on a regular basis.

Guaranteed to deliver value

From the very beginning, you will see the value of engaging a team of Power Platform professionals. From the initial plan to quick wins, you will quickly feel the benefits of working with our team.

At Vantage 365, we understand that demands for technical resources increase and decrease on a regular basis. When projects require delivery, or there are changes within the organisation, the demand increases.

But with the ebbing and flowing of technical demand, there are inherent risks for the organisation with how to deal with it.

Our Flexible Consultancy Framework is designed to avoid the risks associated with surge demands, particularly in the world of Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform.

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We provide the advice and guidance for your team when they’re blocked

When you have an internal team, delays are often caused by blockers in the development. These delays can be costly to both your project and to the organisation as a whole. Having a team of specialists on the other side of the phone, email or a Microsoft Teams call can often be the difference between an uncomfortable conversation with the project sponsors and a project report showing the great results that you’re achieving.

We provide consistency across projects and stakeholders

Unlike contractors, the relationship with Vantage 365 is ongoing, meaning that we can engage with multiple stakeholders and provide a joined-up approach to the developments. Having a holistic and neutral view of the organisation helps us to guide in the right direction, prevent duplication of effort, and look for wins that will benefit everyone.


We upskill your existing team as we work with them

The experience we have gained over a large number of years has put us in a position where we can help others. As we work together, the dissemination of ideas, working practices, and solutions flows both ways, helping everyone to become more aware and more highly skilled in the Power Platform technologies.

When the organisation demands more of your team, but you don’t yet have the skills, we are there to support you

We understand that an organisation’s demands can often be unpredictable, particularly in a world of changing technology. Not having a team locally who can respond to your organisational requirements does not need to be a reason not to continue to move forward. Our team of Power Platform specialists can fill the gap, and help you to make progress while you build the team in the way that you want.


What can you use the flexible consultancy framework for?

The biggest advantage of flexible consultancy framework is that you can call upon the skills of the team for anything you need to keep your projects and roadmap on track. To help you though, here are some examples of how this is being used effectively by some of our existing customers.

project managers

Application Review

If you have an existing Power Platform solution which you’d like to be reviewed, we can feed back with recommendations on how the app could be improved.


Power App Development

The solution to a business challenge may required an app to be created. Whether that is a canvas app or a model-driven app, we could either manage the development or become part of the team.

shutterstock 1936152163 scaled 1

Process Automation

The most common requirement from our customers involves the creation of automation to support and streamline existing business processes. Whether they are new, or just need to be “fed and watered” we can help with your flows.

AdobeStock 137171761

Project Management

When developments and projects need to be controlled, having an experienced project manager is a must. Our Project Management Office can provide oversight or guidance to help keep projects on track.

governance pplat 1

Power Platform Governance

As the popularity of the Power Platform increases, so will the excitement of the users. Having a good governance plan in place for the Power Platform allows you to nurture the talents of your users.

Data and Analytics Specialist

Administrator Guidance

As the use of the Power Platform starts to create business-critical applications, the role of the Power Platform admin becomes more important. We can help them to manage the environments, data loss policies, and manage the licenses available.

Next Steps

  1. Request an initial call by either filling in the form on this page, or by visiting the contact us page.
  2. One of our sales professionals will be in touch to talk to you about your exact requirements and to understand how we can help you
  3. Once we get going, we will start with an alignment meeting to ensure that we are all working towards the same goal
  4. A task list or backlog will be created to manage the work elements so that you can constantly see the progress which is being made
  5. We schedule regular touch points to make sure that we maintain alignment and to share feedback in both directions to help the relationship go from strength to strength.

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we pay upfront for the service?

No. You are billed at the end of each calendar month for the time that you have used.

Is there a minimum number of days that we can purchase?

From experience, we find that less than 5 days does not allow us to make a true impact within your organisation. Therefore we start at 5 days.

What certifications do your team members hold?

The team is highly certified within the Power Platform, ranging from Fundamentals to Power Platform Solution Architects, Microsoft Certified Trainers, and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.

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