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Finding the right solution for the problem is one of the hardest challenges that you will encounter within your business. There are so many choices, but what if you make the wrong one? Have you considered everything? Have you thought about licensing? Have you thought about how the business will adopt the solution? The list goes on.

Here at Vantage 365, we have a team of specialists to help you to identify the right solution, the right technology and the right implementation approach to ensure that your project is a success. Our key difference, is that we don’t start with the technology, we start with the business challenge, so that we can understand the “why?” for what we’re doing. Understanding that means that we can be on the journey with you, as we all move through the journey from challenge to solution.


Improving efficiency through business process automation

The objective of looking at business process automation is to find those areas of the business that can be streamlined or improved by using the modern technologies provided by Microsoft 365. This could include:

Power Apps to improve the data capture to ensure that we have good data going into the process
Power Automate to process the data
Power BI to visualise the data and the results of the process so that you can make objective decisions

Enhance communication with modern intranets

SharePoint, part of your Microsoft 365 licensing, can provide a great foundation for a modern intranet to improve communication inside the business. You can also drive engagement by permeating ideas, sharing news, and

Drive more value from SharePoint with an intranet built upon modern sites
Supercharge your intranet with an enhanced offering with Powell Intranet
Leverage Microsoft Viva to be able to engage all of your employees
Powell Intranet in SharePoint
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Drive return on investment from Microsoft 365

There are so many different services that you have available within Microsoft 365 that you could be leveraging to answer your challenges, without constantly buying more off-the-shelf solutions.

Manage projects effectively with Microsoft Planner
Communicate and collaborate with Microsoft Teams
Drive continuous improvement with Microsoft Forms

How do you start the journey?

The conversation starts by getting in touch, either by completing the form, pick up the telephone or open up a new chat with us!

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