Power Automate app changed to Workflows

If you are like us and you use the Power Automate App in Microsoft Teams, then you may be forgiven for a little confusion at the moment as you may not be able to find it anymore. In line with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the Power Automate App for Microsoft Teams will be disappearing.

To provide a single workflow experience within Microsoft Teams, the two apps Power Automate and Workflows have merged into a single app called Workflows. This app will support the creation and management of workflows and automated business processes within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Power Automate app changed to Workflows

There is no change to the actual user experience within the app. Users will still be able to manage all their flows within the app along with browsing workflow templates or creating a new flow from scratch. Whether you have existing workflows in the Power Automate app or the Workflows app your workflows will persist in the new unified app. Users will still be able to configure new workflows through the various app entry points (tab, bot, message extension, message action, personal app).

How is this going to affect you?

The legacy app for Power Automate will be changing its name to “Workflows”. The app will be pre-installed for all Teams users when this merger is released.

USERS: If users had uninstalled this app previously it will show for them again and they will need to uninstall.

ADMINS: If admins previously disabled the Power Automate app it will still remain disabled after the merger. However, if admins had previously disabled the old Workflow app, since that app no longer exists, they will need to go back into the Teams Admin Centre and disable the new Workflows app.

Do you need to prepare?

The only consideration for your preparation is to alert your users if they are using the Power Automate app within Microsoft Teams. Otherwise, this change is expected to be automatically completed by mid-December 2023.

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