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What is Microsoft Loop? Revolutionising Collaboration Methods

Organisational productivity, team collaboration, and efficient data management are crucial for any institution. Microsoft is well-known for delivering solutions that improve these areas. Continuing its tradition of offering high-performing collaboration tools, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Loop App aimed at revolutionising collaboration.

Since its launch, the Microsoft Loop application has gained significant attention as one of the best collaboration apps available. It helps connect remote, onsite, and hybrid teams within an organisation. This blog will cover the Microsoft Loop app’s benefits, features, and more.

What is Microsoft Loop App?

The Microsoft Loop app is a central platform where employees can collaborate on documents and share data securely. It’s a versatile tool that works well with Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This app changes how teams in organisations work together and share information, helping them succeed in their projects.

The Three Main Elements of MS Loop

The Microsoft Loop app is the main platform for users to access its three main features: components, workspaces, and pages.

1. Loop components

Loop components are portable building blocks that remain synchronised across different platforms, including documents, Teams chats, and emails. You can create components such as lists, tables, and notes within Microsoft 365 apps. Collaborative Loop components enable real-time interaction with whiteboards in Microsoft Loop. You can manage whiteboards effectively, keeping them in the same workspace as Microsoft Loop.

2. Loop pages

Loop workspaces are shared areas where you and your team can keep track of everything important to your project. They make collaboration and goal-tracking simple.

3. Loop workspaces

Loop pages act as canvases, combining people, components, links, tasks, and data. They get started small, grow when necessary, and can be shared within Microsoft 365 apps through links or as embedded components.

Key Features of Microsoft Loop

The Loop app is a useful tool for team organisation, making collaboration on tasks easier. The Microsoft Loop App helps bring tasks and projects together in one place and is accessible on multiple devices. It includes an AI-powered feature named Microsoft copilot, designed to assist in brainstorming and planning strategies, acting like a smart team member. Key features of the Loop app include:

Collaborative workspace for Microsoft 365 apps

The Loop app works with other M365 applications, making it more powerful. Team members can add documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoints to their Loops. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms. Integrating Loops with other M365 apps makes workflows smoother and improves efficiency.

Fluid framework integration

Microsoft Loop uses Fluid Framework technology for a new collaborative writing and editing approach. This technology allows users to work on documents in real-time, providing a seamless collaboration experience.

Task management

The new Loop app combines communication and task management on one platform. Teams can assign tasks, set responsibilities, and monitor progress. Loop’s integration makes project management easier, keeping every team member informed about their duties and deadlines.

Real-time collaboration

MS Loop unlocks team collaboration in real time. Team members can collaborate instantly on shared content, such as writing documents, creating presentations, or compiling data in spreadsheets. The Microsoft Loop App keeps everyone updated simultaneously.

Benefits of Microsoft Loop

The most important benefits of MS Loop include:

Seamless internal communication

MS Loop simplifies communication with teammates. Teams can discuss, comment, and edit data/content live. This collaboration allows for easy idea sharing, feedback, and joint project work, improving and simplifying processes.

Enhanced remote collaboration

The pandemic has led to more people working from home or in a hybrid model, acting as a catalyst for improved remote teamwork and collaboration. This setup brings together team members, allowing them to collaborate from any location at any time.

Streamlined workflows

When team members consolidate their work, communication, and tasks in a single platform like Loop, it streamlines the process. This avoids the need to switch between multiple tools, saving time and increasing productivity.

How Does the Microsoft Loop App Enhance an Organisation’s Productivity?

MS Loop introduces features such as Loop Workspaces, Loop Pages, and Loop Components. These three elements are crucial for effective collaboration. They help teams stay updated and provide access to all Microsoft 365 apps. Loop Workspaces offer an organised view of projects and allow easy progress tracking. Here are some benefits of using the Microsoft Loop App for organisations.

Project management

Microsoft Loop Use Cases in the Enterprises

Below, we explore some practical scenarios where Loop has been particularly beneficial in improving workflow and communication in business settings.

Project management

For each project, make a Loop that includes documents, tasks, and discussions. Team members can work together on plans, share updates, and monitor progress in real-time.

Brainstorming and ideation

With Loop, you can collect ideas, research, and feedback from your team. Work together on documents, make visualisations, and collect thoughts in brainstorming sessions.

Document collaboration

Work together on documents in real-time in a Loop, allowing several users to edit the same document at once. Track changes, comment on parts, and give feedback easily.

Agile Development

With Loop, you can manage sprints, backlogs, and development tasks. With Microsoft 365 tools integration, you can easily connect code repositories, build pipelines, and deploy processes.

Training and Onboarding

Create a Loop for new employee onboarding that includes training materials, resources, and introductions to the team. Offer discussions and a central place for new hires to find important information.

Event Planning

Organise event details like schedules, logistics, and marketing materials in a specific Loop. Team members can work together on documents, monitor RSVPs, and update each other in real-time.

Marketing Campaigns

Organise marketing assets, campaign plans, and performance metrics with Loop. Facilitate content co-creation, reviews, and campaign analysis among marketing teams.

Knowledge Sharing

Create a Loop for knowledge management to let teams share articles, research, and best practices. Encourage ongoing learning and sharing of information.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Gather members from different areas to work on interdisciplinary projects. Loop can act as a central hub for these teams to talk and exchange resources.

Is Microsoft Loop Free?

Microsoft Loop is available at no additional cost to users with a Microsoft 365 subscription, integrating seamlessly into the existing suite of tools to streamline collaboration and productivity within teams. It provides an innovative approach to project management, document collaboration, and team communication without the need for separate app subscriptions or installations.

Personal Microsoft Accounts

The Microsoft Loop app is now free for personal Microsoft Accounts in the Public Preview. Here are some simple rules to make sure everyone can enjoy this service:

  • A Loop workspace can hold up to 5 GB.
  • You can create up to 5 workspaces.
  • Up to 50 members can join a workspace.

Microsoft Entra Accounts

The Microsoft Loop app is free with Microsoft 365 for users with work accounts (Microsoft Entra account). With an Entra account, you can access Loop pages and components and see your recently used Loop components in apps like Teams and Outlook. You can also see the Loop workspaces you’re a part of.

To use all the Loop app features, users with work accounts (Microsoft Entra accounts) need one of these Microsoft 365 plans on the web and mobile: Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3, or Microsoft 365 E5.


What is Microsoft Loop used for?

Microsoft Loop is a productivity tool that connects teams, content, and tasks across different tools and devices. It features a flexible canvas and portable components that move smoothly and stay in sync across apps, enabling teams to stay focused on work, plan, and create together more effectively. It can be used for work or school.

Can we download Microsoft Loop?

Yes, you can download Microsoft Loop with a Microsoft 365 subscription. It lets users create workspaces, pages, and components and integrates well with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Office apps to improve teamwork and productivity. Microsoft Loop is also free in Public Preview for personal use, so users can try out its features.

What’s the difference between SharePoint and Loop?

SharePoint is for storing and managing documents, giving organisations a central place for their files. It helps with sharing documents, controlling versions, and collaborating. Loop focuses on real-time collaboration and managing projects. It integrates dynamic components that are usable in many Microsoft 365 apps for smoother teamwork. SharePoint is best for organised document management, whereas Loop is better for flexible and creative team projects.

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