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Microsoft 365 and Power Apps to significantly enhance efficiency

This case study showcases how Vantage 365 utilised Microsoft 365 and Power Apps to significantly enhance efficiency and save time for a specialised chemical dosing solutions provider. By addressing the challenge of managing employee certifications and skills, Vantage 365 demonstrated the power of leveraging existing technology to streamline critical processes.

The Challenge

The chemical dosing solutions provider, located in Basingstoke, faced difficulties in managing employee certifications and skills. They lacked a system to track certifications, which became problematic when clients requested proof of certification on-site. The organisation needed a way to produce reports on staff certifications and identify skill gaps promptly. Additionally, they sought a mobile solution accessible to site supervisors and clients’ personnel.

The Solution

Having an ongoing partnership with the client as a Microsoft 365 consultant, Matt Weston, Managing Director of Vantage 365, was approached to address the challenge. The solution involved:

Microsoft 365 Integration: Vantage 365 used Microsoft 365 as the platform to store certificate information securely.

Power App Development: To make certification details easily accessible, Vantage 365 created a custom Power App. This allowed staff to retrieve information through mobile devices. Two versions of the app were developed: a desktop version for administration and a mobile version for employees in the field.

Cost-Effective Solution: By leveraging existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Vantage 365 offered a cost-effective solution that maximized the client’s investment.

The results

The implementation of Microsoft 365 and Power Apps yielded impressive outcomes:

Faster Response Time: The organisation achieved quicker response times to certificate requests, improving customer service and on-site interactions.

Enhanced Skills Tracking: The organisation now efficiently tracks employee skills and ensures timely certification renewals, enhancing compliance and performance.

Real-time Accessibility: Employees can access certification information instantly on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for manual searches and reducing response time.

Client Satisfaction: The solution improved the organisation’s responsiveness to client inquiries, elevating customer satisfaction.


This case study highlights Vantage 365’s expertise in utilising Microsoft 365 and Power Apps to create tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and effectiveness. By transforming the way the chemical dosing solutions provider manages employee certifications, Vantage 365 demonstrated the value of technology-driven optimisation. This successful implementation showcases the potential of digital transformation to solve real-world challenges and improve business operations.

For further insights into Vantage 365 and how we can help you leverage your Microsoft 365 subscription to revolutionise your business processes through technology, feel free to connect with us today.

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