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Innovative Use of Shifts App Helps With Hybrid Working

This case study delves into how Vantage 365 creatively employed the Microsoft Shifts app to address the challenges faced by a specialist chemical dosing solutions provider. With a focus on enabling hybrid working as employees returned from lockdown, Vantage 365 utilised technology to effectively manage office-space allocation and workforce scheduling.

The challenge

Situated in Basingstoke, the chemical dosing solutions provider aimed to facilitate hybrid working as staff transitioned back from COVID-19 lockdowns and furloughs. The organisation needed a system to track which employees were working in the office on specific days and allow employees to request office space. Additionally, they required department-wise workforce allocation and the flexibility for individuals to self-manage their working days.

The Solution

Vantage 365 harnessed the existing Microsoft Teams technology, specifically the Shifts app, which is designed for shift management. Despite its primary purpose, the app’s capabilities were ingeniously adapted to cater to the organisation’s needs. The approach involved:

Utilising Shifts App: The Shifts app was repurposed to create a schedule, facilitate user interactions, and provide mobile accessibility for office-space management.

Custom Configuration: Vantage 365 customised the app to suit the organisation’s requirements, enabling weekly workforce planning and department-wise allocation of office space.

Training and Support: The team educated the client about the functionalities of Microsoft Shifts and provided training, setup, and ongoing support to ensure efficient day-to-day usage.

The Solution

The implementation of the Shifts app brought transformative results:

Enhanced Visibility: The organisation now has clear visibility into the workforce’s presence in the office, aiding in social distancing and compliance with COVID risk assessments.

Streamlined Hybrid Working: The solution eliminates manual management efforts, empowering employees to check and manage their office-space requirements independently.

Improved Productivity: The system automates office-space allocation and scheduling, reducing reliance on email chains, spreadsheets, and manual processes.


Vantage 365’s innovative approach to utilising Microsoft Shifts showcases the potential of technology in solving unique business challenges. By creatively adapting an existing tool, the organisation achieved effective office-space management, enabled seamless hybrid working, and improved overall productivity. This case study exemplifies the power of digital solutions in reshaping traditional processes and fostering efficient and flexible work environments.

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