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How to make the most of Microsoft 365’s new AI features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an ever more critical role globally. It can be (and is) used in almost anything.

Microsoft has recently developed new AI capabilities that will be implemented in Microsoft Editor. These help you improve your writing when drafting emails, chats, documents, etc. The three new features are:

  • Conciseness
  • Summarisation
  • Tone suggestion

In this article, we’ll explain each of these new features and how to make the most of them.

Microsoft 365 AI: conciseness

An artificial intelligence (AI) program within Word for the web will identify long and wordy sentences. It’ll then highlight the affected text. When you select it, it’ll suggest a shorter version, which should be more straightforward and concise.

Conciseness is a vital part of writing. Although you sometimes need long sentences, you should avoid waffling away at all costs. That’s especially true for important business documentation and professional emails.

The AI will help you improve your writing in this way. However, always ensure each suggestion makes sense before selecting it.

Microsoft 365 AI: summarisation

Summarisation is an exceptionally advanced AI tool. We’re also seeing it emerge across other writing AIs on the internet.

Summarisation will automatically generate a short paragraph of text summarising a lengthier document. Like the conciseness feature, this creates a much smaller section for your audience to read. However, it applies to longer text documents rather than individual sentences.

For example, you could use it at the start of a document to summarise the contents, a little like a blurb. This gives readers a quick summary of all they need to know.

The AI should be relatively fluent, although you might need to edit the text slightly for factual accuracy. The option will appear in Microsoft Editor under Text Generation.


Microsoft 365 AI: tone suggestion

Tone suggestion will use AI analysis to suggest word, phrase and sentence changes. These will alter the way the sentence comes across to readers. It’ll be available in Outlook at first, where it’ll have the most impact.

When the AI decides you need to alter the tone, it’ll highlight the affected text. Select it, and then choose the suggested alternative (if applicable).

Tone is a vital part of written communication, especially when it’s purely electronic and text-based. Changing how you write can make you come across as formal or informal, confident or unsure, aggressive or helpful, etc. If you struggle to express yourself in this way, the AI will help.

Vantage 365 and your cloud system

AI isn’t perfect – not yet, at least. But it is undeniably having an incredible impact on our processes and cloud systems. These new releases will affect your writing and should help to improve it for the better. Over time, we can expect to see many more AI introductions.

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