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Automated Teams Governance

This case study delves into our experience of providing professional services and expert consultation to an external client, a property assurance provider in Castle Donnington, UK. The case study showcases the successful collaboration between our team and the client to address their specific needs and challenges. By sharing the details of this engagement, we aim to highlight our capabilities, problem-solving approach, and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. Through this case study, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our goal is to inspire confidence in potential clients and reaffirm our reputation as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional professional services and consultation.


This case study revolves around a property assurance provider in Castle Donnington, UK, striving to adopt Microsoft Teams as their collaboration and communication platform. Their primary challenge was to prevent “Teams Sprawl” and to gain control over the Teams creation process while ensuring analytics for better management. Vantage 365 was recommended and chosen to provide professional services and consultation to implement a solution that would automate and streamline the Teams creation process.

The Challenge

The property assurance provider was in the process of rolling out Microsoft Teams but was concerned about uncontrolled Teams creation, scattered data, and seldom-used channels. They needed to maintain governance while allowing users to request new Teams. Their goal was to automate the approval process to create Teams automatically without IT administrators’ manual intervention.

The Solution

To address the client’s requirements, Vantage 365 leveraged its expertise and knowledge of Office 365, SharePoint, Power Apps, and Azure Automation. The solution involved the following steps:

SharePoint List: Vantage 365 set up a basic SharePoint list to store Teams requests. The list captured information such as justifications for Team creation and review dates for housekeeping purposes.

Power App Integration: To offer a user-friendly interface, Vantage 365 integrated a Power App that allowed users to request new Teams and view previous requests. The app was made accessible directly within Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need to navigate to another location for Team creation.

Azure Automation: PowerShell scripts were hosted in Microsoft Azure, and Power Automate bridged the gap between SharePoint and Azure Automation. When a user made a request, an approval process would start, notifying designated approvers. Once approved, Teams were automatically created, and users received notifications.

Education and Guidance: Vantage 365 provided education on leveraging Azure services effectively and guided the organisation on licensing upgrades to fully exploit Azure capabilities.

The results

The implementation of the solution resulted in remarkable improvements:

Decreased Teams Creation: The controlled mechanism led to a decrease in unnecessary Teams creation.

Reduced Service Desk Requests: The automated approval process significantly reduced service desk requests and manual Teams creation by IT administrators.

Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings: End users experienced faster Team creation, while IT administrators effectively managed the environment with all information in one place.

Improved Microsoft Teams Adoption: The organisation maintained user flexibility and empowerment while adhering to governance rules set by the automated process.

The results

Vantage 365’s implementation of SharePoint, Power Apps, and Azure Automation successfully addressed the property assurance provider’s challenges, leading to efficient Teams adoption and management. The automation of the Teams creation process minimised administrative burden, empowering end-users while maintaining control and governance. This case study demonstrates how innovative technology solutions can optimise internal processes and enhance the adoption of collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams.

If you need assistance with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Governance and want to explore how Vantage 365 can help you make the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription to transform your business processes through technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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